Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

I’ve found a great video that links throught an amazing site all about Asscher cut engagement rings.

It explores the Asscher company itself  that has been around for mor than a 100 years and also has loads of info about the asscher cut diamond as well as information about diamond shape, cut clarity and carat.

Check out the video below.

Breaking the Shackles of a Diet

Diets and dieting have come into modern culture in a massive way. They are incredibly prevalent in all walks of life and though they only used to be available offline they are now easily accessible online and have increased in number accordingly.

The number of diets available has been boosted by the types of diet too. With increased education and availability of information many different types of diet have arrived and evolved. Back in the 1980s many people will probably only have ever heard of the SlimFast Diet and will have struggled to name anymore. Fast forward to the 90s and the Atkins Diet had a massive impact with several other types of diet not too far behind.

slim fast diet plan

The number of different weight loss programmes can be both a blessing and a curse. On the positive side there is so much choice that it’s difficult not to be able to find a diet that’s exactly suited to your requirements, choices and lifestyle. On the negative side however, there is the opportunity to people to exploit those looking to find the right diet with untrue or even harmful information.

A lot of diets now exist solely online and teach online via ebooks, videos and forums. The Fat Diminisher System is a perfect example of this. It has an active and educated community that is there to help with online tips, advice and ongoing support. These types of diet are popular as they create a sense of community and connection with like minded people with similar aspirations and weight lost goal and targets.

Perhaps the most important thing to always consider when looking for a new diet is that you need to overcome the mental hurdle of it actually being  “diet” and the negative aspects of that. Make it a shift in your lifestyle, a move to make better choices and a long-term mission to improve your health and well-being.

Lock it up and throw away the key

Locking the Door

Security is paramount to the long term success of any business. This is particularly important these days online and a strong, robust firewall and virus protection is vital for protecting sensitive imformation and server data.

There is an increasing need these days for physical security and protection by means of equipment supplied and fitted by experts in the field. CCTV systems are now more and more sophisticated. They have evolved to include high spec and high definition security cameras that include infra red and movement sensitive capabilities.

retina scan security systems are becoming more popular

Whilst an local emergency locksmith would be the first person you would call in an emergency to help secure your premises. There are specialist companies that now excel in commercial property protection.

These companies will carry out a site visit and analysis to assess the needs of your particular office loction. They can then work with you and your budget to offer paramount amounts of protection and the accompanying peace of mind.

Any company will always offer you advice on the basics such as keeping all doors and windows internally secure and perhaps even restricting access to the building to non staff. This can easily be accomplished by means of a simple entry and buzzer system. Most visitors to yor premises will appreciate the steps you take to protect your assets and put value in your integrity.

It is of course possible to go “space age” with some of the security measures and fingerprint scanners are more and more prevalent at larger organisations – though I’m not sure the retina scan that we see in the movies are all too popular – yet!

Simple protection can involve all the technology in the world but common sense and vigilance play a massive (and inexpensive) part too. A company that values it’s employees will recieve that back when safeguarding the staff, information and ultimately profits of the company.

Perhaps most important…..Always lock the door!

Cheap Kids Scooters

Value for Money Kids Scooters

As all our lifestyles seem to get more and more expensive it is perhaps a little reassuring that kids toys seem to be getting more affordable and certainly better value for money. This is certianly true for the increasing number of kids manual and electric scooters that are taking the market by storm.

Why has this happened though?

There are a number of reasons, but the fundamentals one comes down to the age old addage of supply and demand. Scooters have gained massive popularity over the last 10 years, helped by events such as the X Games and have become serious contenders to the bike for kids of all ages. Along with this increasing popularity has seen the evolution of numerous brand name scooter manufacturers, that has consequently increased competition and driven down prices.

The big brands are producing massive ranges that cater for scooter riders as young as 2 all the way up to professional competition riders. There is an obvious disparity in price between the opposite ends of the spectrum but the entry level models, that are aimed at recreational use are extremely good value for money.

Affordable Fun for Kids

Affordable Fun for Kids

An typical example of an entry level scooter, from a brand such as Razor, would only cost about £30 or £40 which is much cheaper than a bike aimed at a child of the same age. The accessibility and usability of the newer entrants to the market, the electric scooter, also offers more children more options – particularly for less able children.

The safety aspects of most of these scooters come as standard and reassuringly the big brands don’t compromise safety at the expense of innovation and successfully combine both for the safest and most enjoyable ride possible. This also help to adds to the longevity and durability allowing children to grow with the scooter for alot longer than bikes allow. The added safety equipment such as knee and elbow pads and the must have helmet can easily be incorporated into a budget without stretching it too far.

Cheap Engagement Rings are Getting Better

Paying for an Engagement Ring

An engagement ring can be a massive financial outlay. Luckily for the pockets of men and for the fingers of women these most precious of pieces of jewellery are falling in price. This can be put down to a number of reasons. The falling price of precious metals such as gold and platinum are one and the increased availability of diamonds is another. But is it perhaps the increase in online sales that has had the biggest affect on prices over the last few years.

Engagement rings are falling in price as percious metals and diamond prices plummet

They may be cheaper but 5 is a bit much!

The growth of this sector online has seen the major high street and online jewellery and diamond sellers joined by a lot of individual and bespoke sellers. The internet does not seem to offer the barriers that you might expect and sales are flying.

The propensity of diamonds and their increased accessibility has attracted a clientele that may have perhaps been priced out of the market in past years. The associated costs of engagements rings (aside from if she says no!) were always a big financial burden but now these rings have become eminenetly more affordable. The Asscher cut engagement ring has gained increased prominenec through celebrity endorsements and the distinctive style is particularly popular and has enjoyed the resurgence in the market.

The prospect of spending a months wage has been made a lot less daunting as you can get a lot more bang – or perhaps bling – for your buck. The beauty of diamond rings is that they really do offer an opportunity for most income levels to purchase. The prices can of course run into the hundreds of thousands for the larger carat, purer precious stones. The entry level rings however can cost less than a few hundred dollars and offer the same amount of beautiful allure and class of their more expensive alternatives.